Alcorn Cemetery

Alcorn Cemetery Rockcastle County Kentucky

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Alcorn Cemetery

  • Alcorn Cemetery LOCATION: Start at the intersection of Route #1004 and Poplar Gap Road. Take Poplar Gap Road 2.8 miles to a road on the right and park car. Walk up the road on the right and cross wood-plank bridge. Start climbing STEEP hill on the right and walk up the hill. About 1000′ feet you will fine the cemetery near the crest of the hill in the woods. The altitude of the cemetery is about 200′ higher than the car. The cemetery is about 400′ downhill from the Alex Allen Cemetery.
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  • Alcorn Jno. Co. F, 14th KY Inf No other information.
  • Alcorn Rosy Allen no other information-not marked known buried here.
  • Alcorn William no other information-not marked known buried here.

  • Black Infant born/died same day Grave not marked known buried here.

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