Angel Cemetery

Angel Cemetery Rockcastle County Kentucky

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Cemetery General Information

Angel Cemetery

  • LOCATION: Start at the intersection of Route #1004 and Route #1955. Go north on #1955 .9 mile to house on a bluff on the left. The cemetery is to the right of the house about 40′ from the house and 30′ from the road. It is a weed patch.
  • GPS Location:
  • Recorded by: Carrie Gilbert Stallsworth, Carolyn Stallsworth Henton, Danny Henton, Shirley McFerron Cummins and Jeanne Snodgrass Bonham
  • Date Recorded: 31 October 1984
  • NOTE: This information is provided by Carrie Gilbert Stallsworth. Six to eight people buried here including John Angel who married Delia Jones. Delia Jones Angel is buried at Red Hill Cemetery.
  • There are no stones in this cemetery. The ground has been plowed. Some field stones are near the edge of what once was a cemetery. There was no information on the stones.

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