Begley Cemetery

Begley Cemetery on Wildcat Mountain

Laurel County, KY

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Cemetery General Information

Begley Cemetery

  • Begley Cemetery LOCATION: Start on Route #25 just south of Livingston, KY at the ford thru the Rockcastle River. WHEN IT IS LOW. (If you want to visit this cemetery when the river is high, you go in from Hazel Patch in Laurel County). Follow old road about 3.3 miles to cemetery on the right. The road is what remains of the Wilderness Trace. The cemetery is near the stone marker that memorializes the Battle of Wildcat Mountain. If no horses or mules are available, a dune buggy is mandatory.
  • NOTE: Alpha Omega Robinson was “The First Interred in this Cemetery”. The Begley graves are within a fenced area. “Old Man Inman” said to have died in the early 1930’s.


  • Begley Farmer 2 Apr 1909 – 5 June 1948
  • Begley, James M. 7 Dec 1861 – 5 Apr 1926
  • Begley Kenneth 23 Dec 1940 – 23 Dec 1940
  • Begley Philip 3 Feb 1938 – 3 Feb 1938
  • Begley Rebecca 12 May 1866 – 26 Mar 1920


  • C.E.N. No other information (hand letter field stone)


  • Inman James Everett 1914 – 1973
  • Inman “Old Man” Said to be buried next to above James Everett Inman


  • Mullins Maggie B. 1889-1941


  • Newcomb James 1875 – 1940
  • Newcomb Ronald D. 1955 – 1956


  • Robinson Lawrence R. 12 Sep 1900 – 24 Oct 1974
  • Robinson Alpha Omega 21 April 1913 – 23 Jun 1917


  • Unknown 2 Graves – marked with three granite slabs

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