Bill Bryant Cemetery

Bill Ace Bryant Cemetery, Rockcastle County Kentucky

Cemetery Information

Bill Bryant Cemetery

  • Bill Ace Bryant Cemetery LOCATION: Start in Renfro Valley, KY at the south end of the Route #25 bridge over Renfro Creek. Go south on #25 1.1 miles to paved road on left. Turn left and go up hill about 150′ to bend in the road. Park yourcar. Walk south straight up the hill on tractor road about 300′ to top of the hill. The cemetery had high grass and saplings.
  • NOTE: Additional information contributed by Craig Harrison and Rockcastle census and court records. Ace Bryant father of Bill Ace Bryant may be Asa Bryant who is show in 1900 census as being born July 1849; he married on 19 Jul 1877 to Mary A. Todd who is shown in 1900 census to have been born February 1867. She may also be buried here.
  • There is evidence that this family plot was once cared for. Iris still survive and big trees are standing outside the cemetery. It is said that 12 – 14 people, children and adults, are buried here. All are Bryants.


  • Bryant child – no information (marked with marble slab scrap)
  • Bryant child – no information (field stone marker)
  • Bryant Ace No other information (unmarked)
  • Bryant Bill Ace (born May 1884) no other information (unmarked)
  • Bryant Fannie Pruitt (born May 1882) no other information (unmarked)
  • Bryant Mary A. Todd 1847 – no date (unmarked May be buried here)
  • Bryant Maudie No other information (unmarked)
  • Bryant Nancy Ann No other information (unmarked)
  • Bryant Polly Ann No other information (marked)

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