Eli Coffey Cemetery

Eli Coffey Cemetery, Rockcastle County Kentucky

Cemetery Information

Eli Coffey Cemetery

LOCATION: On Clear Creek Road. This farm was once owned by Eli Coffey, 1 October 1832 – 3 July 1911. In 1984, the farm was owned by Wayne Berry of Berea, Madison County, Kentucky. Neither Mr. Berry nor Janie Ramsey, great niece of Eli Coffey know the location of the cemetery. Eli Coffey and his family are believed to have migrated from Grainger County, Tennessee, to Rockcastle County, Kentucky, between 1850 and 1860. The road is almost gone. A guide and a Jeep are required.


  • NOTE: The following information was received in June 1984: A contributor received the following information over the telephone. The name of the telephone caller was not recorded by the person who contributed the information;
  • r b y who was bornd May 11th 1829 departed this life March 15 1830
  • A search of the deeds in Rockcastle County, KY courthouse was made and the following information was found. It was not possible to determine with certainty that the graves are located on the BULL portion of the land that Eli Coffey owned but this is the best clue that we could locate.
  • 31 July 1886 Eli Coffey sold land to Joseph Bullen that Eli Coffey bought 22 October 1848 from Leonard Bull.