James R Gatliff Grave

James R Gatliff Grave on Green Pond Ridge Road, Rockcastle County Kentucky

Cemetery Information

James R Gatliff Grave

  • LOCATION: Start at intersection of Clear Creek Road and Route #1787. Go east on #1787 1.5 miles to Green Pond Ridge Road on left. From this point on, you MUST HAVE A 4-WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLE. Turn left on Green Pond Road. Go 2.2 rough miles to fork in road. Bear right at fork, and go .3 mile. Park your vehicle. The cemetery is on the right side of the road about 50′ back in the woods. The grey stone is difficult to see. There are vestiges of a fence that once enclosed a 30 x 30 area. Only 2 graves have been located but there are probably others buried here. The land was sold to the Forest Service in 1934 by William T. Hicks. He reserved ownership of the cemetery. A map is available from Daniel Boone National Forest, Berea, KY Ranger District, Compartment #129, Rockcastle County, Kentucky.


  • Gatliff James R. No date – 28 September 1901
  • Unknown adult grave marked with field stone – no information