Sugar Creek Hollow

Unknown Cemetery on Sugar Creek Hollow, Rockcastle County Kentucky

Cemetery General Information

Unknown Cemetery on Sugar Creek Hollow

  • Unknown Cemetery on Sugar Creek Hollow LOCATION: Start in Lincoln County, KY, just west of Rockcastle County line at the intersection of Route #150 and Copper Creek Road. Take Copper Creek Road 1.75 miles to gravel road on right. Ask for help at the nearby house on the right side of the road. The cemetery is out the gravel road, thru the fields and up the bed of Sugar Creek. When you get to the Y in Sugar Creek, take the left branch and go about 1000′ to the cemetery on the bank on the right.

  • All of the graves, 15 – 25, are marked with field stones only. Iris flowers (flags) are planted in the cemetery. There is a clearing nearby where a homestead must have stood. Across the creek from the cemetery are steep slate banks. The creek bed shows evidence of wear marks in the slate that were made by wagon wheels.