Unknown Route 1650

Unknown Cemetery on Route #1650, Rockcastle County Kentucky

Cemetery Information

Unknown Route 1650

  • LOCATION: Start at the intersection of Route #70 and #1650. Go westward on #1650 .8 mile and park car at the house. The cemetery is about .4 mile north of the house. The graves are in the woods near the southeast corner of the woods. A couple of graves are outside the fence at the edge of the pasture. The land was owned by a DOAN family and before that it was owned by a THOMPSON family.
  • NOTE: Looks like others may be buried here. Some of the stones had been moved about 60′ from the cemetery. These were examined but no writing was found. This cemetery is on the same road as the Wallin/Gibson Cemetery and about 1.5 from it.


  • W died 1827/1823(?) (hand lettered field stone) no other information
  • W (18??) dc (99?) (shaped field stone-hand lettered, as written) 3 (or ) B and a symbol that resembles a backward Z (shaped field stone-hand lettered, as written)