Whitehead Cemetery

Whitehead, Newton Cemetery, Rockcastle County Kentucky

Cemetery Information

Whitehead Cemetery

  • LOCATION: Start in Mount Vernon, KY, at the intersection of Richmond and West Main Streets. Travel west on West Main Street 3.2 miles to cemetery on right. Cemetery is in the field about 5′ above the road bed. Park car near residence on left side of road. Walk west on the road about 125′ to a spot where field is about the same level as the road bed. Roll under the fence. Walk east up the rise to the small clump of trees about 50′ from the road. The cemetery is not fenced and most of the field stones are scattered on the ground. If the crop is up, the trees will be your landmark feature.
  • NOTE: The information regarding the Whitehead family was furnished by Mary Mc. L. Purcell from the Whitehead family Bible. These people are buried in this cemetery but their stones are gone. Graves were originally covered with sandstone slabs. The only legible stone was J. Lewis and probably marked the grave for Johnson Lewis Whitehead.


  • Whitehead James Murphy 4 May 1851 – 3 Jun 1891
  • Whitehead, Johnson Lewis 1 Jul 1856 – 31 Jul 1866
  • Whitehead, Levina Lewis 8 Sep 1813 – 20 28 Sep 1900
  • Whitehead, Mary Elizabeth 27 Apr 1850 – 7 Jun 1850
  • Whitehead, Newton 5 Mar 1827 – 30 Nov 1876